Thursday, September 17, 2015

View from a Bridge Is Changed One Day After the Storm

I took the following pictures from a bridge located between my office and my home one day after the big rainfall. The surface of the park near the river had been brought off to downriver.

The amount of water in the river could be two to three times larger than usual, I guess.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Big Storm of Rainfall Hits in Eastern Japan

We were suffered from a big storm last week for the first time in the last several decades.

Three people have been reported dead and fifteen people are still missing.

I go to my office by bike every day. It was raining like cats and dogs in the morning on the day.

I took several pictures when I crossed a big bridge which divided my town and my office.
The day was perfectly unfit for photo taking.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I Go to Irie Cafe

My wife and I went to a cafe called "Irie Cafe" the other day.

We ate Japanese food for lunch there. 
Among them, cut raw fish and avocado on a bowl of rice with a dried seaweed topping was nice.

"Irie" was unfamiliar word to me. So, after coming back home, I checked it on the web dictionary.

It says,
"Irie" is used and is synonymous with hello, all right, good, fine, I’m alright etc. However, on deeper examination the findings indicate that it’s origins are far more spiritual.

Irie is a Jamaican noun meaning good, excellent, great and good quality. Thus a number of companies and traders in Jamaica use Irie in their names.

The name of the cafe is also nice, isn't it?