Sunday, September 25, 2016

Two Tokyo Sky Trees, The One is Seen in 2016 and the Other was in 2009

View from the condominium in which my parents-in-law live

I went to the Tokyo Sky Tree with my wife last month.

The weather was not clear and sunny on the day though, we enjoyed seeing the huge tower and shopping at the town near the tower.

The pictures below were taken in autumn, 2009.  The guys in the picture, all loved to take photos.

I walked around Tokyo with them viewing and taking pictures of the partly-built Sky Tree. 

The pictures were my precious memory that the tower was still under construction. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I Go to JP Tower Museum

JP Tower Museum held exhibitions of
"The University of Tokyo Collection",
"Naval Architecture in Imperial University"
"The Count of Clouds: Mount Fuji Through the Eyes of Masanao Abe" when we visited.

Since photo taking was prohibited inside the museum, I took just a snap shot in the empty room viewing Tokyo railway station.

They had amazing collections and show them free of charge.

Definitely, it is worth visiting.

It is said that Tokyo Railway Station opened on December 20, 1914 with only four platforms.
Currently, it is the busiest station in Japan in terms of number of trains per day (over 3,000),

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I Go to Tokyo Stock Exchange and Its Museum

My wife and I went to Tokyo Stock Exchange in Kabuto-chyo, Tokyo the other day.

There are two major stock exchange places in Japan: one is in Tokyo and the other is in Osaka.

The place was rather quiet than I previously expected.
The stock trade is executed through computer systems these days of course, no people are shouting, calling and running at the site.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Take a Ride on a Tramcar in Tokyo

Tokyo is famous for its wide spread subway systems. People are able to go wherever they want  in downtown Tokyo by them.

But, they still have tramcars which run rather slow comparing with cars and underground trains.

My wife and I took a ride on an Arakawa-Line car.

I don't think it is difficult to replace them with high speed trains or subway, though I hope Tokyo keeps those classic cars running which run for more than a century.

It is said that the Arakawa Line started its operation in 1911.

What a history it is!